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A selection of nice reviews written by people who know these things.

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Wooden Overcoats

A podcast sitcom about rival funeral directors.

It was a hoot to listen to, perfectly produced, and, if I'm entirely honest with you (which of course I always am), I quite like hearing the goings on of undertakers as well as the brilliant drama that comes with people's lives.

Thanks to carefully drawn and uniquely bizarre characters, impeccable sound design and writing that's at once sharp and wholesome, "Wooden Overcoats" has earned its status as a podcast classic.

The performances - including many BBC and Channel 4 comedy and soap alumni - are effortless... The depth of each performance genuinely fills out the world.


A beautifully realised British sitcom about rival undertakers on a fictional Channel Island... it's just a very, very funny show, both for its central premise and its delightful evocation of life on an eccentric little island.


For every friend who asks why I like audio-based material, I recommend Wooden Overcoats, a podcast for people who think podcasts are for other people.


If you love British eccentricity and long-form fiction podcasts, Wooden Overcoats is the perfect podcast for you as well as one of the best podcasts for road trips. This podcast is hilarious, charming, there’s three seasons of it to fill your longest driving day and there’s also a mouse called Madeleine. Download immediately.

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